From 14-30 October, the largest multi-sport event of the year will take place and BMW bikes will be right in the middle of the action. Approximately 6,000 athletes from more than 40 nations will make their way to Mexico for the 16th Pan American Games, which will take place in Guadalajara in the State of Jalisco.

This major international event returns to Mexico for the third time (previous Pan American Games were hosted in Mexico City in 1955 and 1975) and among the 36 sports being contested are the marathons, triathlon, walking events and various cycling competitions that require motorcycle mobile filming and transmission units. One of the most experienced operators in this area of expertise is Spanish rider and BMW fan, Gustavo Cuervo, who will be using a K 1300 GT for the first time for this specialised role.

Gustavo has helped bring television pictures direct into people’s homes from some of the most exciting sporting events in recent history. Having covered more Olympic Games than anyone else (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008) this latest assignment is a prelude to the work he will be doing at the 2012 Olympics that will be held in London.

“I’m really looking forward to The Pan American Games in Mexico, where I will be working alongside my brother Miguel, who has been with me in this role for the past 20 years. I have been to Mexico several times before on different bikes and have ridden on and off-road, and east to west, from the USA to Guatemala. I know what to expect, especially with the weather conditions.”

At this time of the year, temperatures can reach up to around 32ºC, so the two Spanish riders will be wearing suitable equipment for spending hours in the saddle under a blazing sun. As such, BMW Motorrad Spain has provided them with BMW Air Flow rider equipment – including jacket, trousers, helmet, gloves and boots – which are all specifically designed to allow a cooling breeze to flow freely through mesh-type material that is permeable to air.

Pictures from the Games will be seen by millions of viewers around the world, especially in America, and the K 1300 GT BMWs with their tractable engines, all-day comfort and visible road presence will comfortably support Gustavo and Miguel, as well as the camera operators they will be carrying.

“I’ve ridden a variety of motorcycles in this role over the past 28 years, including a K 1100 LT that was my ‘work-horse’ for many years,” says Gustavo. “I’m a fan of K Series BMWs and have enjoyed testing the big six-cylinder K 1600 GT for Spanish magazines. However, I believe that the slightly smaller K 1300 GT will be ideally suited to the role of helping bring pictures from the Pan American Games to an expectant worldwide television audience.”

With the contract for the 2012 Olympics already secured, the next two weeks will be a good opportunity for Gustavo to evaluate BMW Motorrad’s four-cylinder 1300cc sports-tourer as it takes him right into the action in the marathon, triathlon and cycling events. Watch this space for an interview and follow-up pictures of Gustavo, direct from the Pan American Games in Mexico…